heart warming images which remind us that kindness conquers all

Every day, thousands of people do good deeds — all around the world, in every country and from every culture. The vast majority do these things not for their own sake, but for others, and they do them regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. We cannot think of a more noble cause than to remind as many people as possible just how much good others are doing out there, right now, and in turn inspire more individuals to act decently and kindly.

One of the most vivid ways to do this is to maintain a visual record of the individual tales of decency and compassion we see around us. So here are 14 inspiring images to remind you that kindness conquers all.

A local community in London comes together on the streets to clean up their city after the 2011 riots.

This girl sit in the mud alongside her beloved horse, which had become stuck in a bog, for several hours until rescuers arrived. She held its head above the water to save its life.

During public protests in Missouri, local people came together to stop shops being looted.

A security guard at Disneyland asks for the autograph of a little girl, feigning the belief that he thought she was a real princess.

A woman stands in front of a bulldozer in order to protect a wounded demonstrator.

A little girl offers a flower to a soldier in Tunisia after the army refused to fire on protesters.

This homeless man saved the life of a rabbit which had been thrown into a river.

These protesters in Turkey picked up this wounded police officer and took him to a safe place to get his wounds treated.

A Jordanian soldier tries to warm up a child evacuated from Syria.

This elderly lady from Russia single-handedly knitted 300 pairs of warm socks for the victims of a flood.

This Kenyan athlete stopped running ten metres from the finish line in the mistake belief that he had already crossed it. The athlete behind him stopped and urged him on to win his race.

A New York police officer bought a pair of new shoes for this homeless man.

Colombian demonstrators share some food with riot police during a protest march.

An Egyptian man shakes the hand of a soldier for the military’s refusal to fire on peaceful demonstrators.

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